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Picture Book ”Playing Omelet

Miss Yuki was helping her mommy’s omelet cooking with a frying pan.
Just then, a happening happened to the omelet.
This is a smart picture book with a nodding excitement with a series of happening.
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Handmade Woolen Felt Works Video

Movie of handmade woolen felt works with B.G.M., please have a look.

Handmade Woolen Felt Works photos

I introduce you the handmade woolen felt works in multiple pictures.

Miracle Kametan

Miracle Kametans

Miracle Kametan and a rabbit

Miracle Kametans

handmade woolen felt chickens

Since this year is the Year of the Rooster,
I made chickens with woolen felt.

handmade woolen felt woman

It is a woman and a mirror by handmade woolen felt.

Miracle Kametan trip to Okinawa, Japan

The Miracle Kametan which made from woolen felt
trip to Okinawa, Japan.
There are great photos like next photos in this movie!

Miracle Kametan great lucky movie

Miracle Kametan and
photos of the locations where thought to be
flowing with mystical energy of
a good match for a marriage.

The places are
【Shimane Prefecture】
You may be lucky if you see this movie every day?

What is the Miracle Kametan?

popular with a good match for a marriage, good fortune, good money luck, longevity in Japan

A crane is a thousand years, a turtle is a million years
A turtle has been regarded as a symbol
of eternal longevity from the ancient in Japan.

And a turtle have also been used for
family crests as they are good auspicious.

In this way,
a turtle has long been considered as
symbols of
good fortune,
good money luck and

As next photos,
The Izumo Ooyashiro Shrine,
famous for a good match for a marriage,
has been using the shape of a turtle for their crest.

As mentioned above,
Miracle Kametan
(name of handmade woolen felt tortoise) is
popular with
a good match for a marriage,
good fortune,
rising good money luck,
longevity etc.

How to get the Miracle Kametan?

shop: Cocokara
Echo Nakamise shopping district
Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan